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Brief history

The Association of Independent Press (API) is a non-governmental organization that was established to support apolitical mass media. The main goal of API is to enhance the impact of independent press from Republic of Moldova and bring its contribution to the creation and strengthening of the open society.

API’s slogan is: "For a professional, unbiased and lucrative press ".

The Association of Independent Press was founded in 1997 by the representatives of the first local independent newspapers "Accent Provincial" (Provincial Stress, Glodeni), "Business-Info" (Cimislia), "Cugetul" (The Reason, Baltsi), "Cuvântul" (The Word, Rezina), "Est Curier" (East Courier, Criuleni), "Gazeta de Vest" (Western Gazette, Nisporeni), and the press agencies BASA-Press (Chisinau) and DECA-Press (Baltsi).

The idea of establishing API belongs to the American journalist Judi Yablonky, who, during a documentation trip taken to Moldova, suggested to the directors of independent media institutions to unite under a non-governmental organization.

The Association of Independent Press was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice on September 29, 1997, being the first association of that kind in the republic.

At present, API brings together 17 national and regional newspapers, 1 news agency, the Independent Journalism Center and 4 freely professional journalists.

The General Assembly of API members is the supreme governing body of the Association of Independent Press. The General Assembly is summoned on a yearly basis, but, during the periods between the sessions, the management of API is ensured by the Administration Council, the President of API and the Deputy Director. A Committee of Censors has been set up in order to monitor the handling of the Association’s financial means. The President of API is elected for a two-year period; the members of the Administration Council and the Committee of Censors are elected by the General Assembly every year.

The Presidents of API:

1997-2000 — Tudor Iaşcenco, director of the weekly newspaper "Cuvântul" (Word) from Rezina;

2000-2001 — Vitalie Cazacu, director of the News Agency DECA-press;

2001-2004 — Ion Ciumeică, editor in chief of the weekly newspaper "Business Info" from Cimislia;

2004-2006 — Elena Cobăsneanu, director of the weekly newspaper "Observatorul de Nord" (Northern Observer) from Soroca;

2006-2008 — Ion Mititelu, director of the weekly newspaper "Cuvantul Liber" (Free Word) from Leova;

2008-2012 — Slava Perunov, director of the weekly newspaper "SP" from Balti.

At the 3rd May of 2012, at Annual General Meeting of API, Lucia Bacalu, the director of “Expresul” newspaper from Ungheni, was elected as president of API, during 2 years.

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