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API Members

Adherence to API

Any natural person that legally represents an independent press institution (newspaper, magazine or press agency) may become a member of API.

API regards independent press as the one that:

  • does not receive financing from the public budget or political parties (formations);
  • reflects reality in an objective and equidistant way;
  • separates the news from comments (opinions).

The Regulation with regard to the obtaining, maintenance and loss of API membership

I. General Provisions.

1.1. The hereby Regulation constitutes an internal document stipulating the procedure for obtaining, maintaining and losing the membership of the Association of Independent Press.

1.2. The hereby Regulation develops the principles stipulated in the By-Laws of the Association of Independent Press and its provisions can not contradict the statutory principles or the legislation of Republic of Moldova.

1.3. Any person incidentally endorsed by the hereby Regulation is obliged to observe it in the cases and the context when his/her actions or attitudes are developed under API.

II. The right to obtain API membership.

2.1. The right to obtain API membership belongs to any natural person representing an independent media institution and which is delegated by the its staff assembly or its owner, as well as the freely professional journalists that are subject to the statutory provisions of API and meet the adherence terms foreseen by Article III of the hereby Regulation.

2.2. API defines independent media institutions as the ones that are not financed, either partially or integrally, from the public budget or the budgets of political parties or other formations, the ones that are unbiased and equidistant in relation to the people, institutions or events referred to in their publishing or other connected activity.

III. Terms to adhere and the procedure used to obtain API membership.

3.1. The person/institution wishing to become a member of the Association of Independent Press shall submit to API’s residence a file comprising the following mandatory information.

3.1.1. For representatives of independent media institutions:

  • the request to adhere to API, in which confirmation shall be presented regarding the non-affiliation to any political party or formation, and regarding the lack of partisanship of the media institution they represent;
  • a cover letter associated to the request to adhere to API;
  • copies of the By-Laws and the registration certificate of the media institution;
  • other documents able to confirm the independence of the media institution, including the copy of the final book-keeping balance sheet and the last shipping invoice from the printing house for determining the circulation;
  • in case of a newspaper, magazine or news agency, it shall be obligatory to submit the collection of newspapers or the news flow from the last three months.

3.1.2. For freely professional journalists:

  • the request to adhere to API, in which confirmation shall be presented regarding their political non-affiliation;
  • a cover letter associated to the request to adhere to API;
  • the list of main press materials published over the last 6 months and their copies.

3.2. The request submitted by the applicant wishing to obtain the API membership shall be discussed during the first ordinary session of the API’s Administration Council since the day of application. The Administration Council shall decide whether to approve or reject the request, appointing, if necessary, a person to monitor the content of the presented collection in terms of equidistance of materials and present a briefing note at the next ordinary session of the Administration Council.

3.3. As soon as the briefing note presented by the person appointed to monitor has been examined, the API’s Administration Council shall adopt a decision whether to accept or reject the request to adhere to API.

3.4. In case a positive decision is adopted by the Administration Council, it shall be subject to examination during the next API members’ meeting. If the majority of persons enabled to vote that are present at API members’ meeting (50% plus 1) agree to confirm the positive decision, the applicant shall be accepted as a full member of the Association of Independent Press.

3.5. Immediately after the membership fee is paid, the applicant shall be entitled with the right to vote at API members’ meetings.

3.6. The API membership fee shall be determined by the API Administration Council at the beginning of each calendar year.

3.7. When the final decision to adhere to API is adopted by the API members’ meeting, the new members have the right to include the imprint "Member of the Association of Independent Press" and API’s logo on technical cassettes and websites of the respective media institutions.

3.8. Throughout the first year, the new members of API are exempt from paying the API membership fee.

IV. Special provisions.

4.1. The final decision of the API members’ meeting on the acceptance or rejection of the request to adhere to API shall be adopted within utmost three months since the date of receiving the full application file.

4.2. During a period of six months before local or general elections, API reserves the right to temporarily suspend the acceptance of new members, their respective application files following to be examined right after the elections.

V. Loss of API membership.

5.1. The API Administration Council shall monitor on a regular basis, either individually or by means of certain specialized organizations (experts), the behavior of API members in terms of equidistance in connection to the people, institutions or events referred to in their publishing or connected activity.

5.2. According to the provisions of the By-Laws of the Association of Independent Press, the API’s Administration Council may decide upon the withdrawal or temporary suspension of API membership in the following cases:

  • political partisanship;
  • non-payment of the membership fee during one year;
  • non-attendance at three consecutive API members’ meetings;
  • other special cases.

5.3. The decision of the Administration Council regarding the withdrawal or temporary suspension of API membership shall come into force as soon as it is confirmed by the API members’ meeting.

Approved during the Administration Council’s session from November 19, 2004

Approved by the Annual General Assembly of API members from March 18, 2005

Copyright, 2011 API    
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