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22 October 2012
The first edition of „Obiectiv European” supplement issued

The first edition of „Obiectiv European” supplement published by the Association of Independent Press (API) was issued, under a project financed by the East-European Foundation and „Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung” Foundation. The supplement is distributed free-of-charge with four API-member newspapers, including a national newspaper - „Jurnal de Chişinău” – and three regional ones: „Observatorul de Nord” (Soroca), „Cuvântul” (Rezina) and „Gazeta de Sud” (Cimişlia).

The main objective of the project relies in the information of the public about the European Union and the importance to bring Republic of Moldova closer to European Community standards and values. The supplement „Obiectiv European” will publish analytical materials related to the most important events from Republic of Moldova's agenda for European integration, progress in EU-Moldova relations, other thematic articles. „We will approach the European integration issue from various perspectives, understandable to the readers, helping the latter answer to questions such as „What is EU today?” and „What should be the role of Republic of Moldova in the united Europe?”, Sorina Ştefârţă, publisher-coordinator of „Obiectiv European” supplement, declares.

API plans to publish ten editions of „Obiectiv European” supplement during October 2012 - April 2013, in eight pages, with a cumulative circulation exceeding 25 000 copies. An additional circulation of 2000 copies shall be distributed to „Pro-Europa„ Information Centers from Cahul and Bălți towns.

For additional information:

tel.: 069189010 (Sorina Stefârţă)

The supplement “Obiectiv European” is published with the assistance of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation. The project is implemented by API with the support of East European Foundation, from the financial resources generously granted by the Swedish Government through the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (Sida).

"Obiectiv European" nr 1

"Obiectiv European" nr 2

"Obiectiv European" nr 3

"Obiectiv European" nr 4

"Obiectiv European" nr 5

"Obiectiv European" nr 6

"Obiectiv European" nr 7

"Obiectiv European" nr 8

"Obiectiv European" nr 9

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