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10 December 2012
First Anticorruption Website Launched in Moldova

Chişinău, 7 December 2012The Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) has launched the first anticorruption website during a conference attended by representatives of law-enforcement bodies and the civil society. The website is the first of such type in Moldova and is expected to become an efficient tool for signaling corruption incidents and for informing the citizens about the development of investigations conducted by the law-enforcement bodies in recent and older cases of corruption.

“We have launched this website that also contains an interactive anticorruption map where the citizens will be able to mark their notifications to monitor the level of corruption in Moldova and to encourage the people to signal such incidents. The notifications will be processed by the CIJ editors and then will be referred to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, the National Anticorruption Center and the National Integrity Commission. Also, the signals will be forwarded, as necessary, to the respective institutions, for example, to the Ministry of Health if it is about an incident in the medical field. Then we will monitor how the state agencies have investigated such signals,” the President of CIJ Cornelia Cozonac said.

A presentation of the content of the website was made during the conference. The visitors will be able to find there a monitoring of the cases filed on the most resonant incidents of corruption as well as the most recent journalist investigations produced by the CIJ reporters, focusing on the representatives of the judiciary.

In this connection, one of the guests, Galina Bostan, Director of the Center for Corruption Analysis and Prevention, noted the importance of making topical again the need for amending the Constitution in view of requiring state officials to prove the legality of their acquisitions. ”We have civil servants with assets worth millions but no proof of the acquisitions thereof,” Galina Bostan said.

Present at the launching, the Anticorruption Deputy Prosecutor Viorel Morari welcomed the creation of such a website and called the journalists to make fair investigations of the revenues of officials and announced the readiness of his institution to cooperate with the press in this regard.

The representative of Transparency International Moldova Iana Spinei said that such a website would help the people understand which acts are corrupt and would contribute to enhancing the accountability of local and central administrations. Iana Spinei called nongovernmental organizations specialized in monitoring the level of corruption to cooperate with CIJ in ensuring a bigger impact of the website as a public tool in cultivating intolerance to corruption.

The first corruption cases, monitored on are those of the ex-Minister of Interior Gheorghe Papuc, ex-Chairperson of the Coordinating Council of the Audiovisual Gheorghe Gorincioi, and ex-Minister of Information Development Vladimir Molojen. The website also contains information about the recently started cases, such as the one on misappropriations from the Moldovan Railway Company or the one on fixed football games.

The website publishes daily information about legislative or other news on combating corruption and about new cases registered by the law-enforcement bodies. It will also post information about the journalist investigations on corruption. The website has a special column entitled Corruption Resources where the visitors will find laws, regulations and other information that will help them cultivate an attitude of intolerance to the phenomenon of corruption.

The website has been created and launched as part of the campaign “Zero Tolerance to Corruption! Be Active and Wall Up Corruption!”, held by the Center for Investigative Journalism with the support of the Good Governance Program of Soros Foundation Moldova.

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